Needlepoint Is Cool, So Dive on In

According to a July 2016 Interior Design trend report, Needlepoint is cool again. For some of us, needlepoint never stopped being cool. Let’s face it, the really cool have always bucked the trends and followed their passion. If like me, you have been stitching since the 70’s, let me now remind you that unbeknownst to the general population over the years, you are indeed cool. In fact, you now have genuine trend-setter credentials.

All kidding aside, the good news about needlepoint being “cool again,” is that it gives designers and stitchers the chance to really create some interesting needlepoint. And I don’t just mean the trendy designs that, like that fabulous new outfit from Target which ends up in the Goodwill pile within a month. No, what I am talking about is the Coco Channel of needlepoint canvas; those lasting pieces that reflect our contemporary views of art and society. We now have the opportunity to once again create wonderful pieces that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will fight over, you know, the heirlooms of tomorrow that offer the next generations a glimpse into our world.

#needlepoint #trendy #art

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